Equipments for ink cleaning

Automatic equipments for ink cleaning in the screen printing and flexographic systems


Ultrasonic cleaning of anilox

For the automatic cleaning of the dry ink that accumulates inside the cylinder cells, by means of a “cavitation” process in combination with the Ibeslab QS cleaning solution. With a rotation system that allows a partial immersion, so that the axles and gears of the cylinder are isolated. They are easy to use equipment and in a few minutes allow the recovery of the initial volume of the anilox. They are manufacture in different sizes and capacities, adapting to the needs of the client.


Plate cleaning

Automatic ink cleaning equipment on flexo and typographer printing plates, equipped with a conveyor belt. In a first stage, by means of the action of the special cleaners Ibeslab ID produces a smooth brushing that removes the ink from the photopolymer, in a second drying stage, by blowing air the evaporation of the cleaner is help leaving the plate ready for storage.


Washing sink

For manual washing of tools: ink buckets, print cylinders, screen for printing screens, doctor blades and other printing elements. By means of a closed circuit, the cleaner is driven through a brush allowing the operator a comfortable cleaning of the element. Provided with an air gun and a steam outlet.


Cleaning machines and recovery screen for Screen Printing

For the automatic washing and recovery of screen printing screens, by means of a complete system of spray nozzles. Apply Ibeslab ID cleaners Ibeslab ID (harmless to the emulsion and the frame adhesive, with a flash point higher than 42º), diluting and dragging the remains of ink of the fabric and the screen frame, with a system for the decantation of ink waste and with the possibility of connecting solvent distillation equipment.