Doctor blade

Doctor Blade    We supply a wide range of doctor blade, for flexography and rotogravure, in boxes of 100 meters or cut in pieces. Ibeslab@ Cuflex is notice by offering good precision and resistance. Doctor blade is the element that removes excess ink on gravure...


Ink cleaners

Ink cleaners Ink cleaning products for Graphic Arts The ranges of product <<ink cleaners>>  together with Ibeslab QS offer cleaning solutions designed for each printing process of Graphic Arts: – Screen Printing – Flexography – Offset...


Anilox cleaner

Anilox cleaner Cleaning products for Anilox rollers For cleaning the anilox cylinders we can define two scenes depending on the status of the ink to clean In our range of special anilox cleaners, Ibeslab-QS we can choose the degree of viscosity (liquid or gel),...


Sleeve adhesive – Shrink sleeve

Seaming liquid adhesive -Shrink sleeve Sleeve PVC y sleeve PET Our adhesive solvent Ibeslab sleeve, which is in various formulations, are specially designed to seal plastic film of PET, PVC, OPS and PLA to the working speed DCM, Karville, Accraply, Enprom and others...


Band cleaner

Band cleaner We supply band cleaner adhesive rolls for removing dust and particles on substrates before printing These bands guarantee an optimal and constant cleaning to avoid that the small particles that can be deposited in the films cause quality issues. The core...