Anilox cleaner

Cleaning products for Anilox rollers

For cleaning the anilox cylinders we can define two scenes depending on the status of the ink to clean.
In our range of special anilox cleaners, Ibeslab-QS we can choose the degree of viscosity (liquid or gel), chemical solvent composition or aqueous composition, type of application (brush, dip or spray), manual or automatic application equipment .

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Liquid ink

Depending on the type of UV resin itself, water-based or solvent-based, we can choose the most efficient cleaner, being able to choose in all cases water based products, alcohol or solvent.

Dried or polymerised ink

In this case is required more aggressive special products, which have the ability to penetrate into the alveoli and removing the solid waste

Our technicians recommend the right product for every need, according to your process and requirements.