End seals

We manufacture and design end seals for flexo inkwell

End seals Ibeslab, for flexo inkwells with closed chamber systems, offer a guarantee of sealing leaks ink. This element plays a role in the printing unit with the doctor blade and the anilox cylinder. In constant contact with the blade, the anilox and ink, the end seals side is under constant stress and must maintain its dimensional stability as long as possible.

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Technical foams

We manufacture the end seals under the specifications of our customers according to the dimensions of different machines like: Comexi, Windmoller (W&H), Giave, Schiavi, Bobst (Rotomec, Fischer, F&K) , Omet, Nilpeter, Sicosa, Uteco, Gallus, Carint and manufacturers with closed chamber systems like Tresu, Harris&Bruno, Akeboose, Printco, etc. Our manufacturing process uses different systems for precision cutting, depending on design and specific tolerances. The end seals avoid bends in the edges of the seal and ensures dimensional stability with the lowest cost.

We select the right material to manufacture from the original pattern of the flexographic printer, with the requirements of hardness, chemical resistance, stiffness, strength and flexibility. These criterions enable us to obtain a high performance seal, with greater resistance to wear by friction with the anilox, which increases the life of the product.

Print quality flexo machine and its productivity can be improved with choosing end seals Ibeslab.