Transfer paper

Transfer paper for Screen Printing

Our range of transfer paper for screen printing is focused on graphic workshops that produce transfer by industrial screen printing and / or in combination with offset.

It is a range of substrates in silicone or plastic paper that has the properties of being printed by screen printing and offset with different types of inks: plastisol, vinyls, polyurethane, acrylic, grease, etc., water based or solvent.


Once the transfer is finished, the textile garment is decorated using a thermal press. The type of paper, combined with the special inks, allows hot peel or cool peel to obtain different ink finishes: gloss, matte, satin or relief.

Different options

There are papers of different weights to give dimensional stability while printing different colours on the machine and with different silicone chemical treatments, seeking a balance between the correct fixation of the ink to the paper during its process and the good end transfer to the fabric.

The usual presentation of this material is in sheets of 1000 x 700 mm. Although we can supply it in other different formats upon request.