Ink cleaners

Ink cleaning products for Graphic Arts

The ranges of product <<ink cleaners>>  together with Ibeslab QS offer cleaning solutions designed for each printing process of Graphic Arts:

  • Screen Printing
  • Flexography
  • Offset
  • Pad printing
  • Typography

Ibeslab Flexography cleaners

Offset UV cleaners

Screen Printing cleaners

Typography cleaners

Four types

The printing inks are formulated guided by a variety of resins, but get into four families according to the soluble component of the resin: solvent, ultra violet, water and fat.

According the process

Together with the type of ink and cleaning process that the client has established we propose specific cleaners for this process, which we classify into three groups depending on their majority composition:
– Solvent based cleaners
– Water-based cleaners
– Alcohol- based cleaners

Manual or Automatic

In the same way, the Ibeslab cleaners are design for manual application or automatic washing equipment. These can be apply outside or inside the machine when arranged washing circuits or elements cannot be extract.

Consult us

Our team will recommend you the most suitable product for every need according to quality, productivity and environmental requirements.