Hot glue melt

Hot glue melt provides gluing solutions in the paper and wood sectors

Gluing applications

The range of Ibeslab hot melt adhesives integrates different formulations designed mainly for use in the manufacture of containers and packaging, in complementary graphic arts and plastic environments. As they do not have volatile substances, they are ideal for use in safe environments such as the food industry, labelling, graphics, electronics, automotive and other demanding processes.

How it works

It is a solid adhesive, free of solvents, which is melted by temperature, between 70º and 200º degrees centigrade, during their application. Their cross-linking by cooling occurs in a very short time interval, which is why they are highly recommended for high-speed production processes where fast handling of the glued product is required.
For joining irregular or absorbent surfaces where a high filling capacity is needed to ensure bonding, this type of adhesive is the ideal solution. Adhesive composition is 100% solid and allow the highest contribution of binder resins between the two supports to be joined.

Dosing Systems

The dosage can be very precise carried out by any application systems. Leading manufacturers such as Valco-Melton, Nordson or Meler produce very sophisticated fusion and application systems that allow a control of the viscosity and fluidity of the adhesive from the melting pot to the support through the ducts where the temperature is also controlled. Once they cool down, they recover their solid state in seconds, ensuring good cohesion of the materials to be joined.
Depending on the type of material to be joined, the adhesive formulations are designed from the wide variety of resins and additives that exist on the market using polyurethane, polyolefin, rubber, EVA, polyamide or polyester polymers.
The presentation of the product may vary, depending on the resin and the application: in pellets, blocks, bars, filament, etc.

Our range of hot glue melt provides gluing solutions mainly in the paper and wood sectors. Suitable for use in food product of packaging lines, as they do not contain solvents and they can used without environmental risks. If you want known others related products with the hot glue melt visit: glue and adhesives.