Plate mounting tape

We supply TESA® plate mounting tape for Flexography. Quality and guarantee of print.

The family of TESA® Softprint foams in its two standard thicknesses of 0.38 and 0.50 offer a high quality of printing, constant and long productions in flexography.

For typography equipment and some flexography machines, mounting tape for plates are available in the thickness range 0.10 to 0.38 mm.

We have stock in large reel and our own cutting service to ensure an agile and precise service to our clients.

We have other special tapes for use in continuous printing processes such as splicing tape, grip tape, plate edge, etc.

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Why choose plate monting tape TESA?

Although there are other variables, such as doctor blades or anilox, that can affect the printing process, in the current flexographic industry, foam plays an important role that goes beyond fixing the photopolymer plate.

Print quality

The different density of the foam allows us to obtain a good definition in the pattern with a minimum dot gain if we choose foams with low density, also called soft or extra-soft. If we are looking for a large contribution of ink or homogeneous ink backgrounds, without “pinholing”, choosing a high-density or hard TESA adhesive tape will help us increase the volume of ink and its better distribution. However, more and more printers are looking for an intermediate density, which allows them to print backgrounds and pattern with good quality, with versatility and remarkable quality levels.

Constant quality

TESA adhesive tapes have an internal polyester core which gives them stability and resistance to the stresses that they may undergo during the laying process. The internal composition of the foam is formulate to withstand long print and even reuse of the foam for different plates. This special formulation acts as a damper that compresses and recovers quickly ensuring precise ink transfer to the substrate.

Cost savings

We can choose the strength of the adhesive by placing a greater tack on the face of the union to the cylinder printing and a softer adhesive on the face of the cliché. In this way, we can easily reposition the cliché during the positioning process and it will be easier to remove it once finished production, being able to reuse the foam for several different jobs. Stronger adhesives are available when working with plates thicker than 1.14 or small diameter developments to ensure bonding at the joints. The adhesive on the faces leaves no residue when removed.


The technology of TESA’s Soft Print plate mounting tapes is a guarantee for the printing process, resisting degradation with many more meters of printing and allowing its reuse with stable quality.