Pre-press equipment for Screen Printing

UV exposure unit, vertical flat screen cleaning tank and drying oven


Uv exposure unit

Uv exposure unit with halogen light for the engraving of silkscreen screens, with vacuum press. Compact groups that integrate screen drying oven with the Uv exposure unit system, different sizes to fit the maximum frame size.

Uv exposure unit is a machine in which an image is transferred (positive or negative, depending on the process) that results from illuminating the silicone film. This silicone film is placed on the photosensitive surface and in which an inverted image is generated with respect to the one in the original silicone film. In this type of machine, the light source is halogen. It also has a gap press

What variables are involved in screen engraving?

In order to properly uv exposure unit a screen printing screen, the type of emulsion to be used must be taken into account and the exposure time controlled.

How do I know which one to choose?

We have a wide variety of industrial uv exposure unit sizes depending on the size of the screen frame. Consult us without obligation and we will inform you of the different measures and prices.

Technical info

  • With 40W UV actinium tubes.
  • Yellow light for separate preparation and mounting.
  • 3m³ / h suction gap pump.
  • Timer for adjustable light exposure control.
  • Manometer Pressure.
  • Easy access to the interior.

Vertical flat screen cleaning tank

Vertical flat screen cleaning tank, made of stainless steel, with backlight for easy inspection of the emulsion. Suitable for degreasing the mesh and the final recovery of the screen.

Technical info

  • Vertical flat screen cleaning tank, in stainless steel.
  • Internal support for supporting screens in stainless steel.
  • Rear panel in polypropylene with built-in light.
  • Inlets for cold water and water gun.
  • Máxima pantalla: 1500 x 1500 mm.
  • Base with decantation and drain.
  • Lower base for accommodation of auxiliary equipment.
  • Available in different sizes

Drying oven

Drawer dryer for drying the screen in the mesh preparation stages.

The drying oven generates the ideal temperature so that the screen printing can be cured on the textile substrate, among others.

We manufacture the drying oven to measure, according to the client’s requirements, to adapt to their needs.

Technical info

  • Drying process by intermittent projection of infrared radiation through ceramic emitters.
  • Speed regulation by electronic variation.
  • Teflon coated fiberglass conveyor belt with lateral reinforcements..
  • Programmable and adjustable digital temperature controller from 0 to 180 ºC.
  • Fuzzy logic temperature controller processor.
  • Power actuation through solid state contactors.
  • Useful height of adjustable inlet mouth..
  • Solvent outlet.
  • Cold module incorporated in the outlet.

Other Screen Printing equipment

Squeegee, emulsifiers, drying racks, screen recuperators, semi-automatic printing machinery.


For the clients of our equipment, we have Education and Training programs in the elaboration and processing of screen printing screens, with emulsion and capillary film. Selection of fabrics, quality control, problem solving, etc.