Ink cleaners

Fabricación de limpiadores para tintas de impresión

Ink cleaners Ink cleaning products for Graphic Arts The ranges of product <<ink cleaners>>  together with Ibeslab QS offer cleaning solutions designed for each printing process of Graphic Arts: Screen Printing Flexography Offset Pad printing Typography Ibeslab Flexography cleaners Download product sheet Offset UV cleaners Download product sheet Screen Printing cleaners Download product sheet Typography […]

Screen printing squeegee


Screen printing squeegee Polyurethane screen printing squeegee with high flexibility and mechanic resistant The screen printing squeegee clamp, consists of an elastomer compound assembled in a clamp that holds it to the printing machine. The soft part, is made of polyurethane combining good mechanical strength and flexibility to transfer the ink through the screen printing […]

Transfer paper

Papel Transfer para Serigrafía

Transfer paper Transfer paper for Screen Printing Our range of transfer paper for screen printing is focused on graphic workshops that produce transfer by industrial screen printing and / or in combination with offset. It is a range of substrates in silicone or plastic paper that has the properties of being printed by screen printing […]

Silk-screen printing machine

Insoladora de Serigrafía y pila de revelado

Pre-press equipment for Screen Printing UV exposure unit, vertical flat screen cleaning tank and drying oven Uv exposure unit Uv exposure unit with halogen light for the engraving of silkscreen screens, with vacuum press. Compact groups that integrate screen drying oven with the Uv exposure unit system, different sizes to fit the maximum frame size. […]