Doctor Blade

We supply a wide range of doctor blade, for flexography and rotogravure, in boxes of 100 meters or cut in pieces.

Ibeslab@ Cuflex is notice by offering good precision and resistance. Doctor blade is the element that removes excess ink on gravure rollers and flexo anilox. It is generally made of steel, with different degrees of hardness, microstructure and with different treatments, tempered, stainless or chemical coating. For other applications and printers, they are also manufactured in different plastics such as Polyester, nylon or Polyethylene.

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The doctor blade can have different shapes: straight, with a bevel or with a lamella, having different shapes and angles. The sharper the blade this ensures greater precision in cutting the ink and reduces the area of ​​contact with the anilox, preventing blade wear.

There are many sizes (from 5 to 100 mm.) and thicknesses (from 0.10 to 0.50 mm.) Available, with the dimensions prescribed by machine manufacturers such as Comexi, Windmoller (W&H), Giave, Schiavi, Bobst (Rotomec, Fischer , F&K), Omet, Nilpeter, Sicosa, Uteco, Gallus, Carint, Gidue, Rotatek, etc.

The thickness of the doctor blade and the design of the lamella is key to avoiding problems of splashes (spitting) in printing, for this reason we provide personalized advice to meet every need.

With the different types of steel that we have available and the appropriate geometry of the blade, it is possible to configure the balance of quality and durability that we need for our flexo or rotogravure printing.