Plate mounting tape

Cinta doble cara TESA

Plate mounting tape We supply TESA® plate mounting tape for Flexography. Quality and guarantee of print. The family of TESA® Softprint foams in its two standard thicknesses of 0.38 and 0.50 offer a high quality of printing, constant and long productions in flexography. For typography equipment and some flexography machines, mounting tape for plates are […]

Doctor Blade for Flexography


Doctor Blade We supply a wide range of doctor blade, for flexography and rotogravure, in boxes of 100 meters or cut in pieces. Ibeslab@ Cuflex is notice by offering good precision and resistance. Doctor blade is the element that removes excess ink on gravure rollers and flexo anilox. It is generally made of steel, with […]

Ink cleaners


Ink cleaners Ink cleaning products for Graphic Arts The ranges of product <<ink cleaners>>  together with Ibeslab QS offer cleaning solutions designed for each printing process of Graphic Arts: Screen Printing Flexography Offset Pad printing Typography Ibeslab Flexography cleaners Download product sheet Offset UV cleaners Download product sheet Screen Printing cleaners Download product sheet Typography […]

Tint sleeve

Manga de barnizado

Tint sleeve Tint sleeves for rotary inking Tint sleeves, or shirts, are made of an elastomeric compound that allows a constant transfer of ink or varnish to the substrate. They can work with solvent, UV or water based inks and offer high resistance to warping and cleaners. We have three qualities and hardnesses. The colors […]

Anilox cylinder

Rodillo y Cilindro Anilox

Anilox cylinder Engraving narrow band Anilox for Flexography and Offset We manufacture and refurbishment Anilox cylinders for any flexographic printer on the market. The latest generation laser system allows engraving from 20 to 800 lines per centimeter, and volumes from 1 to 80 cm3 / m2. This precision allows to obtain a constant quality, ensuring […]

End seals

Obturadores laterales para tintero

End seals We manufacture and design end seals for flexo inkwell End seals Ibeslab, for flexo inkwells with closed chamber systems, offer a guarantee of sealing leaks ink. This element plays a role in the printing unit with the doctor blade and the anilox cylinder. In constant contact with the blade, the anilox and ink, […]