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Flexography, Screen Printing, Offset, Typography and Rotogravure

Welcome to Ibeslab. We are suppliers of products for Graphic Arts and specialized in Chemical Industry since 1997.

We cover all activities: Flexography, Screen Printing, Offset, Typography and Rotogravure.

We are located in Ibi (Alicante), a city with a strong industrial tradition, which has diversified its offerings in areas such as plastics, printing and packaging.

Specialities for
Graphic Arts

Ibeslab ® offers appropriate solutions for Graphic Arts. Products designed according to the needs of our customers for flexo, screen, offset, letterpress and gravure.

for you

Ibeslab ® develops ink cleaners and chemical products formulated for printing process, with guarantee of quality, environment and safety regulations.

for labels

In the manufacture of roll labels, Ibeslab provides solutions to your process, integrating quality products along with our knowledge and experience.


Anilox Anti Spitting (salpicaduras de tinta)

Anilox Anti Spitting

This phenomenon usually appears in some narrow web printing machines that work with UV inks. The viscosity of UV curing inks can cause the anilox

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Ibeslab have been advising Graphic Arts professionals for more than twenty years. We started our journey in 1997 and in our commitment to continuous training, since 2006 we have the ISO 9001 certificate.

Our way of working does not consist only in the supply of products for the graphic arts, but also in specialized advice to the client, so that they feel attended for at all times. Not only when you make the purchase, but also when doubts or problems may arise when carrying out your work.

We are committed to listening and recommending the most appropriate products to provide an adequate and effective solution to these problems, facilitating the daily work of the companies that trust us.

We can supply products for different techniques and jobs. We have products for the Graphic Arts oriented to flexography, screen printing, offset, letterpress and gravure. In our brochure it is possible to find transfer paper, anilox, ink cleaning products, varnishing sleeves or screen printing squeegees among others. If you do not find a reference to the product you are looking for on the Web, ask us without obligation and we will inform you.

The quality of our products together with our long professional experience is the right combination to achieve high quality work at a competitive price.

Ibeslab is located in Ibi, Alicante. This city is known for its great industrial development, especially in sectors related to packaging, plastics and, consequently, also with Graphic Arts. We can offer these companies the supplies they need to carry out their daily work.

We also adapt to new times, where borders and distances are no longer a barrier. That is why we have a transport network capable of taking our products to customers in the best conditions and with very competitive delivery times.

We offer you a wide variety of products oriented to different types of printing. As experts in graphic arts we know that our obligation is to offer each client what they need. Our goal is that they can compete in a very demanding market by offering high quality jobs at competitive prices and in a short time frame.

For this reason, our products are oriented towards these objectives: quality, speed and a good price. We are convinced that with our current brochure we meet these goals and we can provide a very wide variety of articles.

We invite you to discover the Tesa plate mounting tape, so important to fix the plates and guarantee the quality of the jobs. The end seals, a product of our own production, with which the inkwells are sealed preventing leaks, of which we have a wide variety of models.

Sleeve adhesive is used in flexography and gravure to seal the plastic film (shrink sleeve) of some containers. We also offer technology such as that found in our magnetic cliché cylinders, also in the field of flexography and which are adjusted to the specifications of each machine.

Scrapers for flexography and rotogravure are also important pieces in these printing techniques since they allow to eliminate excess ink from the rollers and the anilox, thus favoring a perfection in the work that would not be possible without this element. Varnishing sleeves and anilox rollers made to measure and with different engravings, together with specific cleaning agents for anilox are essential in flexography. Nor can we forget the ink cleaners, which are essential in any ink printing technique and which allow the devices used to be perfect for a new use. Quality cleaners will leave parts flawless, offering consistent quality prints.

We also know the importance of flexo web cleaners to clean and prepare the substrate prior to printing. That is why we offer adhesive rolls made at PSHI. This material provides the roll with the necessary rigidity so that the removal of particles on the substrate is uniform and constant.

In the field of screen printing we also provide screen printing squeegees in different sizes and thicknesses according to the needs of each client, so that you always find the ones that fit your machine and the type of job you are undertaking. Ink cleaning equipment or prepress equipment are products that you can also find in our portfolio.

We invite you to know our products. We are at your disposal at and at 966550918.

Ibes Gestión y Desarrollo S.L within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.


We are since 1997 advising the Graphic Arts industry
We are committed to training and continuous improvement. We are certified ISO 9001 since 2006