TESA tapes with resistance to UV curing


When UV lamps are active, they generate a large ultraviolet radiation, in the necessary spectrum, initiating the chemical reaction necessary for the curing of an ink. This radiation of light also generates a significant heat emission that is project onto the substrate or the printing table and can affect self-adhesive materials. Although today’s lamps, especially LED curing lamps, are design to dissipate much of that energy, temperature can negatively affect adhesives and the thin film that supports them.

Tip to avoid adhesive residue with UV inks

cinta tesa con resistencia al curado uvTo avoid encountering problems of breaking the adhesive tape when removing it or leaving adhesive residues on the table or cylinder, it is advisable to use special tapes that resist ultra violet rays and the heat they generate, such as green TESA 50600 tape or TESA 4440 blue

For example, in flat digital printing tables it is necessary to use adhesive tape to fix positioning stops or to concentrate the vacuum in the area where the substrate is place. These adhesive tapes will receive a large amount of UV radiation during the printing process and at the end of it we must remove them. For this reason, TESA has developed the special adhesive tapes that have a great resistance to UV rays and to the received temperature, so that they can withstand exposure and conclude production without encountering the usual problems.


More information about these two tapes:

TESA 4440 adhesive tape:Cinta adhesiva TESA 4440

  • More flexible paper
  • Greater durability applied
  • Sharp and precise profiles
  • Can be cut by hand
  • Good anchoring of paint / sealant
  • Acrylic adhesive


TESA 50600 adhesive tape:

  • Translucent green polyester backing
  • Doctor Blade cut
  • Resistant to high temperatures



We have many other adhesive tapes for industrial solutions, if you need a proposal our commercial technical department can help you find a solution.



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