Tesa takes care your flexo plate

The correct selection of adhesives is very important because it reduces the costs associated with the useful life and even the breakage of plate during disassembly after printing.

the reasons why we can damage our plate in the assembly or removal process are usually relate to incorrect handling or the use of an inappropriate adhesive.


TESA solutions for mounting plate:soluciones tesa para el montaje de clichés

On one hand, if you use 1.14 / 1.70 plate and have short runs, we have the solution that allows you to reuse the foam, as long as you follow a few simple tips.

On the other hand, you use 2.54 clichés and the cylinders are already a few years old, we propose solutions with greater adhesion and greater resistance to ink residues to avoid incompatibilities.

We will find the adhesive solution for the mounting of plates that best suits your process and your needs, without losing the print quality that your customers expect.


productos necesarios para la solución de montaje de clichésWe always have something else for you … Your process, as everyone else, has special needs: removing bubbles, edge to edge printing, specks of dust during printing, etc.

With our extensive experience in the sector and our Tesa products, we will solve all your doubts, we will provide you with the necessary products for mounting tape solution and we will help to improve the performance for your flexographic printing process.



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