Screen printing squeegee

Polyurethane screen printing squeegee with high flexibility and mechanic resistant

The screen printing squeegee clamp, consists of an elastomer compound assembled in a clamp that holds it to the printing machine. The soft part, is made of polyurethane combining good mechanical strength and flexibility to transfer the ink through the screen printing screen. There are different formulations to reinforce the resistance to solvents and UV ink components, agents that have a tendency to deform the profile of polyurethane rubber.

Depending on the amount of ink that we have to apply, as well as the precision in the printing, we offer several types of hardness, ranging from 60 to 90 degrees shore. Our combined squeegees, with several laminated stripes, generally with the inner band of 90, and the outer faces with 65 or 75 shores, allow the screen printer to obtain prints with more definition and less ink deposit.

Our range of Ibeslab squeegees includes a variety of sizes and thicknesses to adapt to the requirements of each screen printing machine, be it flat, cylindrical or flat-cylindrical.

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Ibeslab offer a wide variety of profiles from squeegees: straight edge for common applications, arrowhead for printing cylindrical objects, round edge for large ink deposit or bevelled for special applications. Since screen printing is the printing system that allows more ink to be transferred to the substrate, the geometry of the rubber together with its density broadens the range of possibilities to reproduce special effects.