Workshop Days “Beyond Labels” of HP- Shrink Sleeve

Adhesivo Sleeve Ibeslab en los Workshop Days de HP

On November 20-22, HP held a technical conference to expand the possibilities and applications of its digital-offset printing technology for applications in the self-adhesive label, sleeve manufacturing and flexible packaging market.

The event was aimed at companies from all over Europe that incorporate Indigo HP equipment into their printing processes, although it was also open to printers interested in this technology and its applications in the world of packaging.

The production of shrink sleeve labels played a major role, due to the ease of printing with this equipment and its versatility for short and medium runs. It had the participation of film suppliers, handling equipment and the manufacturer of adhesives for sleeve Ibes Gestión y Desarrollo, sl

On behalf of the company, María Bernabéu Ayala explained the advantages of the ibeslab sleeve adhesives that we supply worldwide for different plastic substrates such as PVC, PETG, PLA and OPS.

A special mention was made of the new formulations of sealants that are friendlier to the work environment and environmental safety. The different formulations with UV marker for automatic inspection or with different types of evaporation rates make up the widest range of sealants for the formation of shrink sleeves.

In the bonding demonstration, the ibeslab ID055-UV adhesive was used, a multipurpose sealant with various plastics that is approved by HP for use with Michelman’s Michem In Line Primer 030. Using a PETG sheet from Bonset and a Karville machine after a print on an HP Indigo 6800.

The results of customizing a bottle of cava were excellent, demonstrating the effectiveness of the equipment and products used in the printing and transformation of film, as illustrated in the image.


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