Which Adhesive Sleeve should I choose?


For the choice of the adhesive Sleeve for shrink sleeve labels to be the most appropriate possible, we must take into account a series of determining factors. Today we come to talk to you in this article about the different variables that must be taken into account when choosing it.

Choose the Adhesive Sleeve for shrink sleeve labels according to …

The type of plastic in the film

We must take into account the type of plastic that makes up the film that we have to glue. The most frequent are PVC and PET, while OPS and PLA are a minority. Depending on the manufacturer, the composition and the additives contained in the plastic can cause the behavior of the adhesive to be different, in some cases because the film layer is too permeable and some particles can pass through the film. A softer adhesive formula may help in these cases.

Compatibility with primers

On other occasions, depending on the type of PET used or by surface coatings such as ink or primer, the adhesive may have problems to perform its sealing function. In some cases, a custom development to look for compatibility with the HP Primer 030, (Adhesive Sleeve GC) can be a solution but in others, it could be very difficult.

Product approval with production machines

Our formulations of Adhesive for PVC sleeve and PET sleeve are tested in the most popular machines on the market: DCM, Karville, Accraply (Stanford), Emprom, etc., and with different dosage systems but on many occasions, the evaporation rate of the Adhesive plays a critical role in the final result of the sleeve. For this reason, our range of formulations is wide, – including the option of the marker additive, to inspect under a special UV lamp – in terms of the rate of evaporation of the adhesive, thus allowing us to adapt to the production requirements of the client and their type of machine.

To choose Adhesive Sleeve, take into account the machine and the dosage of the product

The regulation of the machine and the dosage of the product are important variables during the sealing process, to apply the necessary amount of the product that ensures the correct bonding of the two layers of film and at the same time that the area does not overflow once the adhesive it is laminated between them. The surface tension of the film, the pressure of the rollers as well as the dosage flow play an important role that the machine operator must observe.

Our range of products includes complex formulations to adapt to manufacturing needs, avoiding for the customer to handle different chemical products, with the difficulty and risk that the final mixture is not always homogeneous.

At Ibeslab we are aware of the critical role played by the adhesive sleeve, also known as shrink sleeve seaming, and for this reason we offer you our wide range of formulations and logistical service to any part of the world.



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