Our vision about the fair HISPACK- Barcelona


Last week one of the great packaging events held in our country. The Hispack fair in Barcelona brought together more than 1,100 exhibitors from 25 different countries where innovation and sustainability were the central themes of the exhibition, in addition to the experience of use or automation in the packaging process.

Main trend: on the way to sustainability

There is a clear trend towards sustainability, towards those products that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact. This has caused packaging companies to be very aware of these market trends and prepare their products for these changes that are already taking place, designing more sustainable packaging and where the end customer experience is a key aspect.

Packaging has become a fundamental element when it comes to the final customer’s purchase decision, aspects such as personalization, design, functionality and the information displayed must have an impact on the consumer’s experience of use, which is the target of all manufacturers and designers.


Xavier Pascual, director of Hispack, points out:

“The excellent reception that the fair’s commitment has had to make visible the innovation that is transforming the packaging industry, putting the focus on digitization, sustainability, logistics and the experience of using containers and packaging” and emphasizes “the The interest that the fair’s contents have aroused among visitors demonstrates the strategic role that packaging is taking on in all economic sectors ”.

The next edition of Hispack will be held from April 20 to 23, 2021, where we hope to see the evolution and new trends in the sector.




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